Welcome & Congratulations!

So you are about to become a parent! This is such a wonderful and exciting time in your life, but let’s be honest… it can also be pretty daunting too!

You are not alone.

You, like so many of us, have probably spent a lot of time researching what you need to prepare for your new arrival, there’s so much to think about! We spend so much time looking at all the options, from nappies to car seats… I remember spending so many hours online looking at different models and brands of pushchair, which one would be practical but look stylish at the same time.

But have you prepared for birth in the same way?

It seemed so important at the time. In just two short years that pushchair has long been relegated to the shed, gathering dust.

But the memory of giving birth to my son is as clear as if it happened yesterday.

Bringing your new baby into the world is one of the most life-changing events that you will experience, one that both mother and father will never forget. However, so many of us do little to no preparation to make sure that this memory is as positive as it can be! Birth is like the most important exam or interview you have ever had, but yet so many expectant parents walk into it ill-equipped and scared.

There is another way! Feel confident, prepared and excited to birth your baby.

Find Out How!