What will you learn on a Hypnobirthology course?

  • An introduction to hypnotherapy, the impact of fear and tension and how we will be addressing your personal fears and worries about birth
  • The power that your mind has over your body and how you can use this to ‘get out of the way’ and allow your body to do the job it is designed to do

  • How we can look at our fellow mammals to see what kind of environment is best for birth, and how it can impact your labour if these conditions are not met

  • Practical comfort measures for all stages of labour

  • Breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to use during your pregnancy and for any kind of labour and birth

  • The physiology of birth – the amazing way that your body and your baby work together in unison

  • Your birth choices – what different options and interventions may be offered to you during your pregnancy and labour, how to make informed decisions and your right to decline

  • The importance of your birth partner and their vital role of supporting you during labour and maintaining your positive birth environment

“I recently did a course with my other half with Lisa. It was online like all is at the minute and it was so good!
Lisa is so informative and she goes the extra mile to help with the random questions I was asking her.

Paul agreed to do the course as he knew it was important to me, but he had a pre -conception that it was going to be airy fairy and he feels now after the course it was far from it! Not only was it about Hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for labour but we learnt a lot about the facts of what will happen in each stage and a lot of biology to which was so useful!

We would highly recommend Lisa for this course.

I will update you on the birth story in May! Thanks 🙏 so much!”

due to changing situation with covid-19, all courses are currently being taught online, at a reduced price. book your place here.

Private Courses

With one-to-one tuition for you and your birth partner, we can tailor the content to you!

Dates & times arranged to suit availability and circumstances

  • 12 hours of relaxed, one-to-one taught content via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home

  • A copy of ‘The Hypnobirthing Book’ by KGHypnobirthing founder, Katharine Graves

  • A folder of course notes and useful information

  • Three KGHypnobirthing relaxation MP3’s to help you drift off to sleep with wonderful positive birth affirmations

  • Six relaxation scripts to practice with your partner at home

  • A birth preferences template

  • Ongoing support from me right up until your baby arrives – whether it’s something specific that’s worrying you or if you just need someone in your corner!

£250 £197!

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