The seeds of the natural birth movement were first sown with the work of eminent obstetrician Dr.Grantly Dick-Read. After witnessing a homebirth in the slums of the London Docks in 1913 where the mother refused any pain relief and then proceeded to give birth quickly and with no pain, Grantly Dick-Read was truly amazed.

The mother’s comment after giving birth when he asked why she refused the pain relief was “It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t meant to, was it, Doctor?” This experience was defining, and after a career of working on the battle field in the first world war and subsequently in hospitals as an obstetrician he theorised that fear was the overriding cause that led to the pain in childbirth. At the end of his career he wrote the book “Childbirth Without Fear”. He hypothesised that when you are fearful, you tense up and the natural birth process is inhibited and becomes longer and consequently more painful.

Over the years his theories have been fully vindicated with research into how hormones work during childbirth. His principles have been further developed by a number of natural birth practitioners with hypnobirthing being the most notable and widely practised. Today KGHypnobirthing is known by every midwife in the UK and many have trained in KGHypnobirthing, including professors of midwifery and NHS heads of midwifery. Obstetricians are also beginning to understand the significance of this work and are being trained too. KGHypnobirthing is practised internationally and is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

A Hypnobirthology course will be able to help you at any stage during your pregnancy, but I would recommend somewhere from around 20 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to practice the techniques, so that they become second nature by the time your baby arrives. It also allows you to feel the benefits of hypnobirthing through your pregnancy. However please do not be put off if you are at a later stage of pregnancy, as you will still see a benefit from learning hypnobirthing.

They don’t have to, but they will be extremely glad that they did. Don’t worry if your birth partner is a bit skeptical or unenthusiastic, this is quite common! If they can come and listen to all the facts and logic behind hypnobirthing, they will realise just how important their role is. Partners can be left feeling very much on the outside of what’s happening during your pregnancy and in labour. Attending this course together makes them a vital part of the journey and can bring a couple closer together before they welcome the new addition to their family.

Yes, you may bring one other close friend or family member who is going to be in the birth room to support you when you give birth, as well as your partner. It is important that anybody that is going to be present understands what you want to achieve and how best to support you. There is no additional charge for this. This does not apply to birth professionals (including doulas).

Yes, definitely! If you have a partner who is away on business, you are a single mum, if this is not your first baby and your partner has to stay at home with the children, or any other reason – this course will still work for you! There are lots of different ways to practice all of our techniques by yourself. I welcome you to invite your mother, a friend, or whoever will be supporting you at your birth instead.

In theory, it may be enough for you to have the birth experience that you want, but it may not. Unfortunately you will not know until after your baby is born. All I can say is, by attending my course you will have my support right up until you birth your baby. So if at any point you feel pressure to make a decision regarding your pregnancy, need clarification on anything that we discussed during the course or you just need a reassuring chat, I will be on the end of the phone. A face-to-face course also gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who will all soon have babies around the same time as you! This can give you a wonderful support network of new parent friends.