What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing allows you to work with your body in the way that nature perfectly designed during birth. We have all either experienced a traumatic birth, or seen or heard about it, and images of birth (as it is portrayed in the media) make a lot of women feel fearful and anxious. When this fear is replaced with relaxation and calm, birth becomes more comfortable, and daresay, enjoyable! Hypnobirthing helps you to trust that birth is a natural, wonderfully designed process, which can truly be one of the most empowering experiences of your life.

KGHypnobirthing is not airy fairy nonsense as some may believe. It is the original UK hypnobirthing course which is designed especially for mothers in the UK. It provides a complete antenatal course that puts a focus on empowering expectant parents to have the very best birth experience that they can.

Find out more about where hypnobirthing came from here.

I am a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher and was taught by the method founder, Katherine Graves, on her
Royal College of Midwives accredited teacher training course.

Benefits for Mum

  • A shorter, more comfortable labour

  • Less need for pain relief and medical interventions

  • A quicker recovery following birth

  • Learn an array of techniques to call upon during labour – which are also helpful in a lot of other aspects of daily life

  • Feeling in control of how your birth your baby & empowered by knowledge of your options

  • Meeting your new baby with a happier, calmer & more relaxed state of mind helps create a loving bond with your baby

  • A birth partner that has learned with you and knows how best to support you, making birth a truly shared, loving experience

Benefits for Partner

  • Feel more involved in the journey of pregnancy

  • Know your role during labour and just how important it is

  • Reduce the common feelings of helplessness and uncertainty
  • Feel a closer connection to your partner and your new baby

Benefits for Baby

  • Less stress during birth means that in general, babies feed better, sleep better and are more settled

  • More chance of being born at the time that is best for them means that babies thrive and develop quicker
  • A positive, calm introduction to the world leads to a positive and happy family unit

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